Aleva Naturals unique range of product is formulated with pure, natural, and safe ingredients that is gentle and mild on the most sensitive skin. Our products leave you and your baby with soft, healthy looking skin that only the goodness of nature can produce.  


High quality infant and toddler products. Bumbo® takes special care to ensure the highest degree of comfort and safety when designing our unique baby products without compromising on quality when it comes to the manufacturing processes and materials used. 


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Developed using native extracts and organic oils to beautifully clean and nourish your family. This shampoo and body wash is naturally unscented, hypoallergenic and great for ultra-sensitive skin of all ages.


B&B also known as Baby & Basic is the most widely used brand among Korean moms for infant-related household products. B&B baby care products are free of harmful substances and made of natural ingredients only.


Our friendly team has worked very hard to develop healthy, eco-friendly cleaning alternatives for homes and for every surface your infant or child will come in contact with, even the family pet.


The Nail Snail = easier, safer, faster. 

For happy little nails.


Newborns usually just need a quick top and tail at first, using cotton wool or a sponge. But it won’t be long before your little one is having a good splash about in the bath with their toys. 

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